Square Wheels Square Dance Club

Lessons Update:  For dancers who have already had an introductory lesson, we’re continuing with mainstream lessons for $6 per person per lesson!


It's not just dancing -- It's Great People Hanging Out Together

The Best Thing About Square Dancing Are The Dancers

There’s truly nothing out there like it.

Where else are you going to get to spend an afternoon, an evening, or even a weekend smiling, laughing, sharing good times, and exercising all at the same time?

Leave the outside world in the parking lot.  On the dance floor it doesn’t matter what you do out “there.”  On the floor, there’s just one thing to do:  have fun.


Go from "Never Danced" To "Dancing With The Square Dance Stars" in 13 Weeks

We Welcome Even Those With Two Left Feet

Modern Square Dance lessons have been carefully developed to emphasize body flow, actual dancing, and fun.  

You’ll be dancing the first time you’re with us.

Music:  Anything with a beat!  Rock!  Pop!  Broadway Show Tunes!  Country!  

And did we mention the exercise?  You can easily get in 3000 steps during an evening of dancing.

Everyone is welcome — singles or couples.  We have experienced partners for you if you don’t have one.  While traditional square dancing called for a lady and a gent, modern dancers are free to choose their dancing gender.  Many dancers learn both parts.

No special equipment or dress is required.  Comfortable shoes and casual clothes are all you need to participate.